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Greaseproof papers / Paperboards / Woodfree papers / Woodcontaining / Kraft papers / Others 

We are dealing in many different qualities of paper. We sell wood free paper, newsprint, coated paper, colored grades as well as gift wrap paper.

In our offer you can also find various types of kraft paper, sulfite and silicone coated qualities. Moreover, we also offer paper coated with PE as well as with aluminum foil.

We deliver paper both in reels and in sheets. Upon request we can offer both prime quality and stock lots. Most of our offers can be delivered on a regular basis.

Eurohandel Malmo WHITE GREASEPROOF OFFER 2017-03-13.xls
Eurohandel Malmo W COLOURED GREASEPROOF OFFER 2017-03-12.xlsGreaseproof 1.jpgGreaseproof 3.jpgGreaseproof 2.jpg
Eurohandel Malmo White Paper Mix OFFER 2017-01-28.xls20170310_101152-2.jpg20170310_101258-3.jpg



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